Photo by Christy Pessagno.  C  lick on the picture t  o see more photos from  The Quiet Way .

Photo by Christy Pessagno. Click on the picture to see more photos from The Quiet Way.

THe Quiet Way

Written and directed by Casey Llewellyn

HOT! Festival at Dixon Place, August 2011

Puppetry by Matthew Woellert, Jill Usdan and Francis Rabkin

Choreography by Katy Pyle

Video Design by Molly Allis

Videography by Justin Nunnink

Music by Molly Allis and Matthew Woellert

Costumes by Ramsey Scott

Stage management by Liz Nielsen

Produced by Bennett Elliott and Robert Kolodny


Casey Llewellyn as The Girl who Reads

Jess Barbagallo as Robert Llewellyn who is a Girl (by others’ designation)

Jill Usdan as Nora

Aden Hakimi as Old French-Canadian Man w/ Plastic Hips

Lydia Blaisdell as Lapdog

Francis Rabkin as Dust

K. Avvirin GrayLiz Ainslie, and Amanda Davidson as some of The Chorus of the Young who is Next


Drae Campbell as The Ghost

The Quiet Way is a landscape to be entered. The piece unfolds in a constant present, as figures such as Girl who Reads, Robert Llewellyn who is a Girl (by others’ designation), Lapdog and Dust endeavor to find freedom within the confines of language. The play uses Eileen Myles’ words, “I just knew in a quiet way I was ruined if I agreed to be female,” as a jumping off point for the interrogation of gender, sexuality, transformation and the scraping ofthe self against the outside. The piece draws on a wide breadth of performance language—including puppetry, dance, poetry and live music—to call attention to the moment of speaking and the problem of self-expression. The Quiet Way asks, what do you agree to? Where do you want to go?