Come in. Be with me. Don't Touch Me. 

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Come in. Be with me. Don't Touch Me. 

devised and executed by Casey Llewellyn 

with Vanessa GilbertMimi CabellAmanda DavidsonDungeon BroadsRen Evans, Karen Ellzey, Dia Felix, Pilar Gallego, David Higgins, Ruth Margraff and Cafe Antarsia EnsembleSharon Mashihi, Lily Mengesha and Anna Ghublikian, Reba Mitchell, Caitie Moore, Chana Morgenstern, Vi Nguyen, Katie Pearl, Amelie Ratliff, Fischer Sherin, Tether, Aleksei Wagner, Tim Wright

AS220's 95 Empire, Providence, RI, March 2013

"Come in. Be with me. Don’t touch me. is a process-oriented experiment in writing, collaborating, and making theater. I live in a blackbox theater, 95 Empire and make things each day. 

Alone, in a theater in the center of Providence, trying to figure something out, I am offering a space we can inhabit together. The theater, a laboratory for interaction, collaboration and connection. An open process. Hi Providence.

I welcome: inspirational objects to put in the space with me, mixes to listen to, costumes for lend, food and drink. Please come by and hang out.

Come at 9 almost any night and see 45 minutes of exactly what she has made that day. The impetus for this piece is to connect community and art-making process and see what unknown things come out of it.

A performance-making journal.

A list of some occasions:

Wednesday, March 6th, 9pm: showing of work with Amanda Davidson and Pilar Gallego

Thursday, March 7th, 9pm: showing with Mimi Cabell

Friday, March 8th, 8pm: Ruth Margraff and Cafe Antarsia Ensemble

Friday, March 8th, 11pm: dance party!

Saturday, March 9th, 9pm: showing of work with Fischer Sherin

Sunday, March 10th, 9pm: showing

Monday, March 11th, 9pm: Family night, talk show with parents, screening of my dad’s movie Conservation of Matter: The Fall and Rise of Boston’s Elevated Subway

Tuesday, March 12th, 9pm: showing of work with Languages of Liveness II (Playwriting II) students from my class at Brown

Wednesday, March 13th, 9pm: showing of work with Vanessa Gilbert and Ren Evans

Wednesday, March 13th, 10pm: Realizing Femme Potential sleepover style with Reba and Casey (Reba Mitchell! This will involve her playing amazing music!)

Thursday, March 14th, 9pm: showing of work with Vanessa Gilbert and Ren Evans

Friday, March 15th, 8pm: Blood from a Turnip: a night of short puppet shows curated by Vanessa Gilbert and David Higgins

Saturday, March 16th, 12pm: Faces of the Afternoon with Sharon Mashihi

Saturday, March 16th, 5-7pm: Tether and Dungeon Broads visit

Saturday, March 16th, 8pm: Queer Salon! with Dia FelixLily Mengesha and Anna Ghublikian! Chana Morgenstern! and Vi Nguyen! with special inference by Mimi Cabell andme! Dance party afterward!

Sunday, March 17th, 12-4pm: Community Playwriting Workshop, open to all! We will write plays collaboratively.

Sunday, March 17th, 9pm: final showing"

[These showings were not shows, but more like open rehearsals in which guests were invited to experience and be part of a work in the middle of its being made and hang out after.]