Coaching For Artists, Activists and Philanthropists

Create sustainability as you work for big change

Image courtesy of ESA/Hubble & NASA

Image courtesy of ESA/Hubble & NASA


I’m Casey. Thanks for your interest in creating the life you most want to live and making a deeper impact with your work.

I am a transformational coach guided by the values of collective liberation. My practice is grounded in the conviction that everyone deserves care and support to make the changes they want to make in their lives. As a coach, I support my clients to nurture their whole selves as they move through life by connecting with their deep wisdom, full truth, and innate power. It is my joy to support people to become their best and most powerful selves because I believe all of us have a unique contribution to make toward creating a world in which we all can survive and thrive. I believe that artists and people working for social justice create our sense of what is possible in our world, and I am passionate about working with these people of vision to create their greatest, most impossible-seeming work in balanced and sustaining lives.

I believe that you and your vision are sacred. If you’d like to explore how I might be able to support you to more fully realize it, book a conversation to explore working together or write me.