Photo by David Higgins.  C  lick on the picture t  o see more photos from  Zaide! .

Photo by David Higgins. Click on the picture to see more photos from Zaide!.

The Mechanical Opera Company presents: Zaide! A Desperate Stab

A making experiment in making connection, a ruptured connectivity function, a visually and sonically driven story of love across scale using Mozart’s unfinished opera Zaide as a jumping off point. 


by Casey Llewellyn

directed by Vanessa Gilbert

music by Steve Jobe and the Chorus of Men

puppets by David Higgins

video by Jess X. Chen

with Daniel Duque-Estrada, Leigh Hendrix, Elise Hudson, Leicester Landon, Michael Jennings Mahoney, Ian McNeely, Emily Oliveira, Casey Robbins, and Max Wolkowitz

February 2013

Production Workshop at Brown University, Providence, RI

Photos by David Higgins.