Obsession Piece

Photo by Christy Pessagno.  C  lick on the picture t  o see more photos from  Obsession Piece .

Photo by Christy Pessagno. Click on the picture to see more photos from Obsession Piece.

Obsession Piece

Obsession Piece is a story of a not-quite-reciprocated, potentially imaginary love that took place in text, in technology, in the space between New York and Providenceland, between a play and a web series, on and with devices—the phone, alcohol, a made-up body and a break-away cunt. Part of an ongoing project exploring romantic obsession and performance of the self, Obsession Piece uses original and existing text, audio, and movement material to get to the question at the heart of Robyn’s “Fembot”: Now what you gonna do?

 We answer ourselves. An “I” creates a “We” with or without someone else.


by Casey Llewellyn in collaboration with Casey Robbins

Directed by Vanessa Gilbert

Performed by Casey Llewellyn and Casey Robbins

Dixon Place, July 2011

Photos by Christy Pessagno.