What I offer

To bring the world we need into existence, we must transform ourselves into the people of that world.


I work with artists, activists, and philanthropists to create sustainability while they work for big change and fully live their values.

This can be hard when the art we create and work we do is not often valued or compensated in the ways we need. It’s hard work to value yourself, in a society that doesn’t value what you do. It’s even harder to imagine liberation.

And yet, we need to be able to imagine what we’re working toward. We need to practice feeling it.

I believe more is possible for you than either of us can yet imagine. 

I work with people ready to take bold action for the lives they want and the world we need.

Working with me, you will:

  • Articulate and connect with exactly what you care about and create practices and take actions that honor those values and move you toward the life you want, need, and deserve

  • Gain self-awareness that improves your relationships and creates an increased sense of agency in your life

  • Gain a new sense of possibility in the areas of your life that you choose to work on and clarity about how to move forward

  • Be held accountable to your vision for your life and the goals and commitments you make

Focuses of my practice include:

  • Creative Life Coaching For Artists — Moving toward sustainability, joy, and impact on a path with no map

  • Freedom Through Philanthropy — Creating an aligned, imaginative philanthropic practice for liberation

  • Creative Practice Coaching — Coaching and accountability to create a deep, regular artistic practice to bring your most powerful work into the world

  • Self-care For Activists — Taking care of yourself while you care for the world

  • Finding Your Unique Contribution — Using your gifts to serve the world you want to help create

Let's talk! The world needs you living your purpose now! 

My rates are affordable, and I work on a sliding scale.